Bergen Anthropology Day 2019

Friday 13. September, 12:00-16:10.

Tivoli (1st floor), Det Akademiske Kvarter, Olav Kyrres gate 49


12:00-13:00    Complimentary lunch (Tivoli, 1st floor)

13:00-13:10    Welcome and introduction: Ståle Knudsen (UiB)

13:10-13:30    “Mare Nullius? Sea Level Rise and Maritime Sovereignties in the Pacific – An Expanded Anthropology of Climate Change”, Edvard Hviding (UiB)

13:30-13:50    “Transoceanic Fishers: Multiple Mobilities in and Out of the South China Sea”, Edyta Roszko (CMI)

13:50-14:10    Break 

14:10-14:30    “The Rise of the Enclave and the Death of the City As We Know It” (Urban Enclaving Futures), Bjørn Enge Bertelsen (UiB)

14:30-14:50    “Negotiating Humanitarian Aid: Principles, Diplomacy, Compromise”, Antonio De Lauri (CMI)

14:50-15:10    Musical Performance – “Antro-på-scene” – coffee and cake

15:10-16:10    Panel: «Anthropology and the Sustainable Development Goals»

“SDG and Environmental Anthropology”, Anwesha Dutta (CMI)

“Thoughts on SDGs and Teaching”, Nora Haukali (UiB)

“SDGs – In the Search of Balance Between Practice and Research”, Salla Turunen (CMI)

“The Role of Religious Missions and Faith in the Achievement of SDG”, Marianna Betti (UiB)



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