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Illumination in Dark Times: David Scott on Stuart Hall

The following interview was recorded at the House of Literature in Oslo on October 15, 2019. The interview has been transcribed by Gard Ringen Høibjerg (INN University College), and edited and amended for clarity by Sindre Bangstad, David Scott and Antonio De Lauri. Sindre: First of all, David, I am going to cite one of …

Suggested by Public Anthropologist: Class, Race, and Marxism

In his new collection of essays Class, Race, and Marxism, David Roediger provides the reader with an incisive and accessible prose an entry point into the history of oppression and resistance. By exploring the intersections of culture, social identities, and political economy, Roediger investigates solidarity and its challenges as produced along the nexus of class and racial inequalities. A must read.

Turkey’s Predatory Politics

Like the concept of ‘terrorism,’ now notions and strategies of ‘safe zone’ or ‘security zone’ are shaping the colonialist state’s expansionist wishes and international illegitimate actions. Today, powerful nation states, such as the USA against Mexico, India against Kashmir, Europe against North Africa, Saudi Arabia against Yemen, Russia against Ukraine and China against Uygur, continue …