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Suggested by Public Anthropologist: Margaret Mead

Public Anthropologist‘s suggested reading today is Margaret Mead by Paul Shankman. Mead is arguably one of the most prominent anthropological figures of the twentieth century, an influential scholar who loved her public role, as Robin Fox emphasized in 1978 on the New York Times. Shankman’s book revisits Mead’s professional and personal trajectory by offering an …

Public Anthropologist Award 2022

Public Anthropologist Award (PUAN-A) is awarded to a social and cultural anthropologist who has published an outstanding contribution that addresses – in innovative, engaging and compelling ways – key societal issues related to one or more of the following topics: violence, war, poverty, social movements, freedom, aid, rights, injustice, inequality, social exclusion, racism, health, and …

Writing a history of the “long summer of migration”: Reflections on activist-academic practices

Abstract: In this paper we reflect upon our work in camps along the so-called Balkan route in 2016, from a perspective that merges activism, academic insights, and political orientations. Our experiences, the materials we collected, and subsequent reflections led to the creation of the exhibition “Yallah!? Along the Balkan route,” which is located at the …