Call for Reviews

Public Anthropologist publishes reviews of recent books, films and documentaries related to current debates that are socially and politically challenging.

Public Anthropologist is now looking for reviewers of books, films and documentaries on issues related to war, rights, poverty, security, access to resources, new technologies, freedom, human exploitation, health, humanitarianism, violence, racism, migration and diaspora, crime, social class, hegemony, environmental challenges, social movements, and activism. While the journal focuses on contemporary issues, it also welcomes reviews of works that have a historical perspective. Unfortunately we are unable to pay our film/book reviewers, but reviewers will receive a free copy of the film or book they have to review (depending on the publisher, the book either comes as a paperback copy or e-book). The works reviewed may be in any language, but reviews must be in English. Reviews should be written in a spirit of critical engagement and dialogue, and comprise between 1,000 and 2,000 words.

If you know of a new book, film or documentary that you are interested in reading or watching and would like to review for the Public Anthropologist readers, please contact Synnøve Bendixsen, or Olga Demetriou, with the information included.

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