Episode 9: The humanness of humanity has a history 

In the 9th episode of PUAN podcast, co-host Saumya Pandey interviews anthropologist Mark Goodale on the history of human rights. The humaneness of humanity has a history. And Goodale’s work shows that this history is foregrounded in relation to geopolitical and economic history. He asks if a distinction at all can be drawn between politics and economy …

Suggested by Public Anthropologist: Class, Race, and Marxism

In his new collection of essays Class, Race, and Marxism, David Roediger provides the reader with an incisive and accessible prose an entry point into the history of oppression and resistance. By exploring the intersections of culture, social identities, and political economy, Roediger investigates solidarity and its challenges as produced along the nexus of class and racial inequalities. A must read.